Sunday, December 2, 2012

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao-Tzu


Drastically reduce or eliminate the sugary drinks from your daily routine as soon as you can.  There is no nutritional value whatsoever in any type of soda drinks, juice drinks, sugary coffee drinks, energy drinks, etc. This is what they call empty calories because they provide no positive purpose for you to consume and just give you calories that you eventually will need to burn off.  Replace as many of your drinks with water.  Water has no calories and is good for you.

You don't like water?  How is that possible?  It has no flavor.  Too boring?  Add some lemon or lime juice once in a while.  Slowly build up your daily water tolerance to 1/2 the number of ounces of your weight.  So if you weigh 200 lbs, you drink 100 ounces per day.  Don't want to drink that much, you can lose weight and you will not have to consume the high amount.  I still shoot for 120 ounces each day because I feel less hungry and just feel better when I drink a lot of water.  Picture above also lists all the benefits of simply drinking water.


Take walks, it doesn't have to be a run.  Walk 1 block the first day, if it is hard.  Go back the following day and make it 2 blocks.  Before you know it by the end of the week or in 2 weeks you will have build it up to 1 mile.  Once you get there, maybe you try to walk faster and beat that time.  Then, walk further as your next challenge.

Don't want to walk?  Ride a bike.  It doesn't matter what it is, just add aerobic activity to your life and you will slowly see and feel better.  Walking is boring?  Have your wife/husband or friend take walks with you.  Talk about your day during the walks and you will see time fly by.  He/she doesn't want to do that?  No big deal then you can entertain yourself by downloading an audiobook or podcast.  Now you will be able to educate or just make time fly by during these walks or runs.


If you haven't done it before, look at all the ingredients in a "protein" or granola bar or any other convenient food you use for snacks.  The majority of these snacks contain items you can not pronounce and that are known not to be good for you that they still sell to you.  Feel free to Google some of those "things" on your wrapper when you get a chance and you will see the side effects or how there is no health benefit.  No matter what, sugar is usually one of the main ingredients and that is something you eventually want to eliminate or reduce anyway.  In the future, I will reference and provide links to more sources that have much more information about how our country allows these unhealthy ingredients to be in our foods where other countries have already made them illegal due to health risks.  You think these big companies and government are looking out for you, don't bet on it.

Therefore, since one of your goals might be to get more healthy, simply attempt to replace these convenient snacks with fruits and vegetables that you enjoy.  You will physically and mentally feel better and you will also know you are at least reducing unknown ingredients in your body.

Take all these changes in steps.  All we are talking about right now is improving, not perfecting your health situation.  Maybe you begin by getting rid of 50% of your soda consumption for a few weeks.  Or maybe only have one convenient snack per day vs. 3.  It all does not have to happen in 1 day or week, take steps toward your goals and you will eventually reach them.  Replace bad habits with new good ones, stay strong and you will eventually see and feel results you are striving for.
 Disclaimer: I want to be clear, I am not a nutritionist, no physical trainer and no type of physician.  I do not even want to come across as a person who knows it all.  I am just a person who has learned quite a bit (still educating myself) during my weight loss journey and reading a lot.  I simply want to share my knowledge with people to see if it will assist them improve their life.


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