Saturday, December 29, 2012

“Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.”
- Paul Coelho, The Alchemist 

Do you have goals to make changes in 2013?  If so, what will you be doing different in 2013 to make sure you succeed if you failed in 2012?

If you want to have different results this year, you will need to approach it in a different way to make sure you get to where you want to be at when December 2013 rolls around.

One of things you will need to do is let go of fear.

Don't be afraid of making goals.  Do you have 20, 30, 50 or 100 lbs to lose?  Want to finish your first 5K race?  Want to squat 300 lbs?  Great, then find a way to make sure it happens.  How do you do that?  By writing your main goal(s) all over the place and being specific.  Don't say, "I have to lose weight."  Have the exact number you want to reach and then have a plan on how you will accomplish that.

Have the goals listed at the side of your bed, on your home screen of your phone, desktop of your PC, in the car, at work, etc.  You need to be reminded constantly of what you are trying to accomplish and why.  The reason why you want to make this a life changing year has to be listed next to the goals.  If you do not know why you are putting in the work every day, then it will be easy to give up.

I suggest you have mini goals so you can feel and see early success milestones.  This will be good to see because your main goal may not be reached until later in the year.  What are mini goals?  Lets say you have 50 lbs to lose by December 2013, I would then suggest you have a small goal of 25 lbs by June 15th or another lb loss goal earlier in the year.  When you reach this you will know you are on your way to making it a great year and it will show that the changes you are making in your life are worth it.

Don't be afraid of what others are thinking or saying or if they don't believe in you.  Who really cares what they think?  What only matters are the thoughts, visions and discussions you have in your own head.  I used to manage a fitness center and people would tell me they were afraid of what others were saying about them as they worked out.  Honestly, the employees or other gym members never talk about the other members in the gym.  If people are there for exercise that is all they want to do and then go home.  They would never be concerned about a overweight person working out.  Put your headphones and get to work, this concern should not stop you from working out.

 “Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.” 
- Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

Don't be afraid of looking for NEW people to help support you.  Maybe they are at the gym, maybe they are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, weight loss websites, etc.  Trust me, they are out there and people in similar situations will be the best ones to relate to when you are struggling or succeeding because people in your day to day life who do not have the same goals may not understand all of your feelings.  Accept it now that it will be a struggle getting to your goal, so you might as well have some assistance along the way.

 “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
- Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

Don't be afraid of success.  At one point, I was "scared" of what I would look like if I ever got to 200 lbs.  I laugh at that now, because back then when I was used to being obese, I really thought I would look too skinny or sick once I got under or around 200.  Now I am not concerned about that at all, even when people tell me I shouldn't lose anymore weight.  I no longer self sabotage my progress, I accept the new me and I know that I deserve to feel and look good.  At 350+ lbs, I never got compliments so once I started losing weight I received them and I was not used to that.  There were times I think I would eat bad on purpose to stop the positive changes because I felt it was getting too good for me.  However, that no longer happens because I am comfortable of how I feel now.  I never should have been in the overweight situation I was in for all those years, but I can not change the past, I can only accept the future I am paving for myself.

Don't be afraid of failing.  This is the biggest fear people have and what stops people from losing weight, switching jobs, trying a new career, etc.  There is nothing wrong with failing only with quitting.  So lets say you want to lose 60 lbs by December and then the time comes and you only lose 40?  Is that being a failure?  Absolutely not.  That is 40 lbs you lost and you should be proud of that accomplishment.

 Let the fears go and become the person you deserve to be!
By: Fred Lechuga


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