Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Right now, I am down to the last few days before my second marathon which will be the ING Miami Marathon that takes place on January 27, 2013.  A lot of time was put into the training for this race, but it was required if I wanted give myself every chance possible to meeting my goal. 

For a race, typically you download a plan and you follow it as much as possible to ensure you are prepared to reach your goal for that race.  However, what is more important is during the training weeks is that you learn how much you truly are capable of if you have a goal and a plan in place.
· You realize how much you can handle on a daily basis.
oYou make time for the training that is required for you to be prepared for race day.
· You learn to make your goal an important part of your daily life.
oYou make daily choices that will affect how you will be ready for the big day.
· You stop making excuses.
oIf race day is the big goal, you will make sure you no longer make excuses and get the necessary exercise in.
· You eliminate out of your life (at least during the training) what is not important.
oTo ensure you get your training in for the day or week, you no longer spend time on consuming tasks that do not contribute to your goal.
Are there some tough times during the training?  You better believe it.  You become irritated at times for a variety of reasons:
· Tired from the training you put in on a daily basis.
oSometimes you get up earlier than you want, other times you stay up later than you prefer.
· Tired from passing up some of the food items you are used to having.
oIf you are trying to lose weight along the way or at least not gain weight, you have to consistently make great food choices.
· Frustrated on not having time for some of the activities your family or friends are attending.
oThere will be some gatherings that you may need to pass on because you have to get up early in the morning for a run.  It can become an issue, but if you share your goal with others they will understand why you are making your choices.

Does this sound difficult?  No doubt, it is a bit overwhelming at first.  However, like the first four bullet points state, you learn so much during this journey and more importantly you become a stronger person.  Typical training plan is only 16 weeks.  Only four months away from reaching a goal that at one time you only dreamed of accomplishing.  If you decide to download a plan, you will have the outline of what needs to be done.  Now the only action to take is to commit to it.

What truly has stopped you from doing a “race”?  Fear?  As Steven Pressfield said in his The War of Art book, "The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it."

I know I have stated this before, but I challenge you to go to a local race so you can see all the different types of people that finish them.  You will see young and old, fit and out of shape.  Age, color and shape do not matter at this type of event.  What is special about these people though was that they signed up and showed up for the race, even if they knew it was going to be difficult.  They conquered their fear.

Have you been doing 5Ks, but have not stepped it up to 10Ks?  Why not?  If you can run 3.1 miles, you can run 6.2.  What really scares you from signing up for your first or next race?  Why continue to take the easy road when you can learn to travel along the difficult path that gets you closer to the person you are capable of being. There will be some bumps along the way, but it will make you a better person at the end of the journey.

You can also develop some type of plan to reach non-running goals and it will assist you in getting to your ultimate dream in your career and life.  However, to get where you want to go you need a map or plan to ensure you get to your ultimate destination.

By: Fred Lechuga


  1. Love it fred. You are an inspiration to so many. You are going under 4 hours this weekend.

  2. Thanks Nate! I have appreciated the support the entire way. I am so glad I found you and your website right before I started the training for this marathon. Now it is time for the fun to begin.