Friday, February 15, 2013

So you have started to eliminate some bad habits and/or implemented new good habits into your life, now what?  Well if you are trying to lose weight, hopefully you are seeing scale and/or mirror results and you feel good about yourself.  Now is about the time you have to ask yourself, do you have the strength to keep going?  Or is this about the time you stop and go back to your comfort zone?  If so, why does this always happen.

So why do you fail at losing weight every year?  Do you continue to keep regaining weight?  Are you never able to make permanent lifestyle changes?  A majority of the time it is because you do not know WHY you are trying to make changes in your life.  Think about this for a second.  Are you just trying to lose weight just because you say you "want to" do it?  Or is there a valid purpose behind your action?  This question isn't just for people getting healthy; this also can be applied to events like breaking off a long term relationship or getting away from a job. 

If you do know WHY you are trying to adjust your life and you are still failing, then I believe you are not consistently reminding yourself of the reason.  IF you don't make a list of WHY you want to lose the weight or break off a relationship once and for all, then you can easily overlook the purpose, not remember the importance and go back to what you have been used to your entire life. 

You need to justify why you are putting in the work and/or eliminating bad habits from your life.  Below is a sample of reasons I have had in my life or what I have heard from others.  The more detailed you are, the better.
- I want to feel better.
- I want to feel and look healthy.
- I want to get off of prescription medications.
- I want to buy and fit into clothes I want to wear, not limited to a specialty store.
- I want to run 1 mile straight without stopping.
- I want to run my first 5K, half or full marathon.
- I want to finish a marathon in under 5 or 4 hours.
- I want to go on airplane rides and feel comfortable.
- I want to sit at a school desk and feel comfortable.
- I want to be alive when my kids get older.
- I want to be the first person in my family that is fit and raises non-obese kid(s).
- I want to be able to perform physical activities with my kid(s).
- I want to run a 5K with my friends or family.
- I want to sign up and have fun in a mud run.
- I want to be a role model to my kid(s) on what it takes to reach goals and be healthy.
- I do not want to embarrass my kid(s) because of my weight issue at school activities.

Why do you skip workouts?  Why do you want to keep overeating on the weekends?  Why do you eat a donut every time one is available at work?  It occurs because you do not remind yourself WHY getting healthy is important to you.  It happens because you have not prioritized the value of what all these changes mean to you and your life.  In the moment when you choose what is easier or makes you happy now, you have made a decision that shows what is important to you in your life right now.

I suggest you make a list of the reasons why you want to make permanent changes and then have them quickly available (i.e., printed on numerous of pieces of paper, on your phone, daily outlook reminders) so you can refer to them when you wake up, in the car, at work, etc.  If you can have access to them and remind yourself of WHY you are implementing new habits or eliminating old ones, you will have a better chance of succeeding this time around and you won't have to have the same New Year's resolution come next year. 

So WHY are you making lifestyle changes?  Feel free to share in the comments.

This blog post was inspired by the video below.


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