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lauren bertolacci

I met Lauren Bertolacci, the author of the book, "No Equipment.  No Excuses. The Ultimate Living Room Workout Guide" on Google+.  We touched base quite a bit in various discussions on that social media platform due to our common interests in health and fitness topics.  She recently mentioned she was releasing an e-book, so I reached out to her to see if she wanted someone to do a review because the title quickly caught my attention.  She agreed and she released it to me early last week to read and provide my thoughts in a blog post.

NOTE: This is the first item I am writing a review on any type of item.  However, in the future I do plan on doing this for other companies I trust and support.  I will NEVER be affiliated with a company for the money, it will only be if I use the product and/or believe it will help my readers.  Full disclosure: I am in an affiliated program with Laurens Fitness for this e-book.

Who is Lauren Bertolacci?

Lauren was a professional volleyball player for 8 years so obviously she has some athletic skills, in but in this e-book she lets you know she was not the most physically gifted person and she had to work at it to keep improving.  She also makes you aware that some of the exercises she includes in the book assisted her in progressing in her sport.  She has degrees and is a certified personal trainer.  Based on what I have gathered she has plenty of knowledge of the body and knows what it takes to get and keep it in shape.  Feel free to check out her website if you want to learn more about her. 

My Review

The e-book is professionally written and is very easy to follow.  In the first part of the book, Lauren lets you know what the book will be and what it will not be.  I like the fact that she comes out and tells you this, so you are not disappointed at the end of the book.  I can not tell you the number of books I have read that I expected to gain something out of it but left disappointed (and many books left unfinished).

This book does not contain any scientific studies.  It will not have you get lost in any type of research or tests that have been going on in different countries.  She gives you enough information to start making changes at home with no equipment.  After you buy this book, you no longer have excuses.

The book contains over 100 exercises you can do at your house or when you are on the road in a hotel.  That is the great part of this book is that even if you have to go away and the hotel has some horrible workout facility (if they even have one), you will be able to stay in your room and get your exercise done for the day.  Again, if you purchase this book, you have no excuses.

Yes, it has over 100 exercises!  Upper and lower body are covered in this book. However, the best part of the exercises section is it includes pictures for almost all the exercises and even a video link to some of the more complicated ones.  Most of the e-books I have read in the past will keep the amount of pictures to a minimum and have you go to their website to get the rest.  Not Lauren.  Lauren went all out and included pictures for the majority of them.  To top it off, she is the one performing these exercises not some person she hired. 

The book also contains 66 tailored workouts to assist in trying to accomplish your goals.  Tailored workouts in an e-book?  You better believe it and this will definitely assist you with your goals.  Some of the e-books I have seen in the past, they will have illustrations of some of the workouts, but definitely not a lot.

Lauren also has written 5 different 6-10 week programs that you can use to get you the results you have looking for and it can happen right from the comfort of your own home.

Before the e-book dives into the exercises Lauren also includes a section on nutrition.  Now if you have ever tried to lose weight or get healthy, nutrition is the big piece of the puzzle that most people are missing.  What Lauren does is include information that you will be able to read, understand and quickly utilize.  Again, in the past books I have read the nutrition information Lauren includes has been spread out in 200-300 page books.  Big waste of my time and money.  Lauren breaks it down so you can understand and refer to it with ease.

Overall the e-book is organized and written very well.  It educates you enough to understand what you need to do in regards to eating and what type of exercises you need to perform to get you closer to your goals.  I really believe a lot of the people who have contacted me in the past about the struggle of not having money to purchase equipment or time for exercising, should look into purchasing this e-book.  No this is not the secret ingredient to losing 100 lbs, but it can be a tool you have to refer to when you need to work out at home.

I only have a couple of negative items to say about this e-book...
- I am a person that used to paying a certain dollar amount for a book and expect a certain amount of pages in return.  This e-book is just over 140 pages.  That is a bit short for my taste.  However, what I have realized (after reading numerous books in the past) is that sometimes it is better to pay more for less, if the quality is great AND if I will be referring to it quite a bit in the future.  You see the books I have purchased in the past for $10 and was 300 pages, I have hardly ever used them again.  Yes, I gained some knowledge, but I hardly ever open them up as a resource.  If you follow the programs in "No Equipment.  No Excuses.", there is no doubt you will be having the downloaded e-book handy to look at the exercises and other information on a daily or weekly basis.

- I am a visual person.  I love the fact Lauren included a lot of pictures, but I would have also included more videos.  For some people, like me, it may be easier to know how to do it, if I can see someone performing the exercise.  The workaround on that is to do a YouTube search on the name of any exercise you are having trouble visualizing from the pictures she includes in the e-book.

Please be aware that Lauren is from Australia so spelling on a few words (like yoghurt vs yogurt) may be spelled a bit different than what you are used to.

Why You Should Buy It
If you are a person who has always used the excuse, "I don't have any money for equipment.".  Buy this e-book, all exercises can be performed without any exercise equipment.

If you are a person who has contacted me previously and has told me, "Fred, I don't have any money to join a gym."  Buy this e-book.  Again, all of this can be done in your family/living room.  You are using your body to perform these exercises so if you are intimidated by weights, you won't have to worry about that here.

If you didn't get enough information from me in this review, click on the link so you can read all the information Lauren has written and included on the product page.  She gives you more reasons and background on why you need to make this purchase.

Are you tired of going to the gym everyday?  Having this book as a resource is perfect for the days you don't want to leave your house.

Are you tired of doing the same home videos everyday or night?  This book will break it up the monotonous activities.

No time to go to the gym during the spring or summer due to the kid activities?  This might be perfect for you.

Why You Should Buy It Now!

Lauren is holding a sale right now on this e-book and it will end after March 15th, 2013.  If you are thinking about it, then just buy it because you are saving $10.  Price wise, think about it as a one time investment and something you will have access forever via your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You will of course always have the option of printing it also.

Link to book.  Please take the time and read the additional information on the page the link takes you to and then you can decide if you agree that this will be something that adds value to your life.  Remember with the purchase, you will still not need any equipment and you will not have any excuses to start feeling better.

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