Sunday, March 24, 2013

For our first Motivation Monday post, we have a person who knew she had to make changes to her life and as you read this you will see she definitely did that!  This first guest post comes from 40 year old LeTia.  She is a former 250 lb woman who lost over 100 lbs and has maintained it by being active.

I will provide some comments after her answers to my questions.


Why did you decide to lose weight or transform your body?

I decided to lose weight because I needed to control something in my life.  I was having issues at work with a new employer (same job just a new employer took over), family issues and a man who just up and walked away one day with no explanation and never looked back.  I felt things were spiraling out of control so I decided to workout and haven't stopped since. 

What new discovery about yourself did you realize while or after transforming?

The biggest discoveries are that A.  I never knew I hid behind my weight when I was heavy and B.  Just how much I was capable of doing and all the things I had been missing out on by using excuses.

Are you treated differently now by strangers?

The only difference I notice now with strangers is that they turn their heads when I walk by.  I've never gotten that before so of course I wonder it because I look good or is it because they see a fat girl who is wearing something they think she shouldn't be. 

Has your relationship with friends and family changed?

I lost what I thought was a good friend a few months into my journey.  She hasn't uttered a word to me since October of last year.  The rest of my friend all want to know my secret and tell me how great I look and are proud of me.  I am told daily what an inspiration I am to someone who knows me.  Some people do comment that I am now to skinny and need to stop dropping weight.  No changes with my family at all.  They are just so proud of me. 

Are there any goals you have accomplished that you are really proud of?

When I started this journey, I took out a notebook and made a list of goal, or a bucket list if you will.  I have managed to achieve every single one of them by the dates listed so far!   Every weekend I am participating in a 10k and LOVE it!

Do you have more goals you would like to reach?  Do you have one “ultimate” goal you would like to share?

  • I'd like to run an ultra marathon.  Probably the JFK 50k. 
  • I would like a Chanel suit in a size 8 or 6.
  • Compete in an IRONMAN. 
  • The ultimate goal is a career changed to become a police officer.  I originally injured my knee in the police academy in 1998 and have used my knee as an excuse since then.  Now there is NOTHING stopping me from achieving my dream!

What tips would you give to people who want to lose weight?

1.  DO NOT think of it as a diet or exercising!  It is a journey to a new you.  I look at my workouts as training.  Someone asks if I exercise and I say no, I train...for whatever I can find to do. 

3.  It sometimes is a big change that you cannot see but the people around you can.  I still cannot see what everyone else does.  It's not all rainbows and butterflies there are lots of ups and there are lots of downs.  Don't beat yourself up over the scale or eating something you think everyone else would see as bad.  Just get back up and keep going!  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Fred's Comments: Basically what LeTia did, was not accept a bad situation in her life.  She realized life was getting out of control because of some life events she didn't expect.  However, she wanted to get a hold of it before she dug herself a "big hole".  She turned to exercise and before she knew it, it has become her new life.  Yes, maybe she lost a friend or two along the way, but she gained a new life and has met other people as well.  

Even if you feel you are REALLY behind and have gained a LOT of weight, it is never too late.  I have heard people say, "oh forget it, I am 400 lbs I can't do anything about it.".  No, that is wrong you can make changes, if you really want to.  However, you need to start NOW.  Then, you just like LeTia, myself and so many other people will realize there is a whole other world to enjoy and memories to make.  Do it now.  Stop accepting a "comfortable" life, make the most of it while you are here and are capable o doing it.

If you have any questions for LeTia, please provide them in the comments.  I am sure she is willing to provide any other information you may need.
What I will be doing over the next few weeks is continue to give you some stories of people who also had the courage to start and continue even during hard times and eventually made some drastic changes.  I am one of many people who made a decision to adjust their lives.  Now the question is are you ready to do it also?  If you did it already, are you willing to share your story?

IF you have lost a lot of weight or made impacting lifestyle changes, please email me a few quick sentences to see if you can be included in a future "Motivation Monday" story.

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