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This blog post is a product review for Elite Dark Chocolate.  I believe I became aware of Elite Dark Chocolate from their Google Plus account.  I was intrigued because it was a dark chocolate, a gluten free candy or sweet and they said it was created by "fitness experts".  After reading more about the product and how it seemed to be a "better option" for my sweet tooth, I became more interested in the product.  I conversed with them on G+ and I ended up getting a sample sent to me so I decided to do a review on their product.

Now if you are a clean and perfect eater and never eat sweets, then there is no reason to read this review, especially if you are tempted very easily.  Now, if you are a person like me who likes sweets once in a while and in small doses, this might be right up your alley.  They do market this dark chocolate stating there are some health benefits and you can read those on their website.

Three Different Versions

Elite Dark Chocolate offers their candy (delectable dark chocolate) in three different versions which are listed below and can been seen in the different pictures in this post.  The items they all have in common is that they have 58% Cacao, made of french chocolate, made by hand, gluten free, contain all natural ingredients and important to me they are created with a minimal amount of ingredients unlike other popular sweets.  (Descriptions below are from the packaging.)
  • FIT = Infused with Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic Acids).  Perfect for weight management and antioxidant boost.
  • VITAMIN D = Infused with Vitamin D and a antioxidant boost.  (If you want to see some of the Vitamin D benefits, check out their website.)
  • ENERGY = The highest quality of herbs, have been added for multiple benefits: Ashwagandha, Maca, Ginseng, Caffeine (equal to 1 espresso), perfect for sustained energy and antioxidant boost.
For me, all three of these tasted the same.  I might have thought there was a bit of a caffeine taste to the "Energy" version, but there definitely was no aftertaste and the taste difference was very minimal.

All three versions also had the same nutrition facts:
Serving Size = 1 piece
Calories = 47.5
Total Fat = 3.25g
Sodium = 3.75 mg
Carbs = 6 (.75 fiber, 4.5 sugars)
Protein = .5

The actual ingredients varied across the 3 options, but again what I liked about them was that the amount of ingredients was very small and they were all gluten free.

Taste Review

If you are not a "fan" of dark chocolate you should still give this product a try because it only contains 58% Cacao which is not too dark and makes the taste not bitter at all, in my opinion.  Now two year ago, I used to hate dark chocolate.  However, over the last year or so I have grown to like it and can even tolerate up to 80% cacao dark chocolate.  I have grown to enjoy it since it addresses my craving for chocolate, but it is also not too sweet where I want to keep eating more and more of it.  I am still a sucker for milk chocolate, but I also know I can not eat that often because since it is so sweet I easily can overeat when I opt for an offering.

Now in regards to the taste of Elite Dark Chocolate...each version was outstanding.  No aftertaste at all, no upset stomach and side effects for me.  Over the last few weeks I would have a piece after a workout or dinner and it hit the spot just right.  The square piece was just the perfect size.  Again, for me with dark chocolate, I can eat a small piece and I am done for the night.  A few days I did have 2 pieces in one day.  I would have one after lunch and then one after dinner.  Regadless I never felt like I wanted or needed more than 1 piece.


I would definitely recommend Elite Dark Chocolate to anyone since it tasted so good, it is a gluten free dessert option and because there are minimal amount of ingredients.  I especially like the Energy version because it has caffeine (equal to 1 espresso) in it and will help when my energy is low.  It didn't make me jittery at all but the dosage was just right because you felt the effect.  Some ultra marathon runners might really enjoy that benefit since they consume caffeine during the 50, 100 or 24-hour races.

Now, just because "fitness experts" created this product with "health benefits", doesn't mean you can eat these and lose weight or something.  Of course, you should still watch your daily calorie count.  The package does say to not exceed 3 pieces per day and I assume it is because they think you shouldn't have that many sweets in one day.  Either way, if it didn't include that statement, I wouldn't eat more than 2 because I still try to keep my sugar gram count low on a daily basis.  In the picture above you can see the size of each piece which is a square piece that is not too small or big...just right.

Are there truly health benefits in this product?  Well I would not buy the product for that reason or use it as an excuse for having the sweets.  However, if you are a person who "has to have" sweets but wants to feel less guilty, then I do recommend Elite Dark Chocolate.  

Visit their website when you get a chance to see if they are carrying it at a store near you or you can decide to buy from them directly.  I am hoping fitness stores will soon hear about this product so they can offer it to runners, cyclists and other athletes or anyone who is trying to stay "healthy" and have sweets once in a while.  If you do purchase because of this review, just mention to them you heard about this product from my website.  I get no return on it, but it is good for them to know that social media is working when it comes to marketing.  Hopefully, in the near future more stores will carry this brand so we all can enjoy some "healthy", gluten free sweets once in a while.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think and leave a comment below.

Of course all opinions and comments above are based on my tastes, needs, health, etc.  If you try this product in the future, it may be different for you.
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By: Fred Lechuga


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