Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have you been thinking of doing a new type of race?  Have you heard about the new craze of races called obstacle racing?  Have you been wanting a new and unique way to challenge yourself to a new level?  Well then signing up for a Reebok Spartan Race may be exactly what you need.  Check out their website because their opening video is one of the best and motivating ones out there and they explain what their special event includes.

I know there are a variety of obstacle race options out there. I am not saying one is better than all the options (even though I hope to visit a Reebok one in the near future).  However, I have mentioned the Spartan Race because we have partnered up for a giveaway to the followers of this website!

You know from past postings and if you follow me on one of my social media platforms, you know that I think people should challenge themselves in their own ways.  So if you have peaked at something like 5Ks, 10Ks, etc and you need something new, maybe committing yourself to a obstacle race like Reebok Spartan Race which includes 15+ obstacles is what you need.

The great part is that since you found this website and if you sign up for the giveaway you possibly can win a free entry into one of these difficult, challenging obstacle races near your.  You will run, crawl, climb, get muddy, create new friendships before you get to the finish line and you will feel like you have conquered the world.

If you are not sure you can handle, enter the giveaway anyway.  If you win, you can give it to one of your friends who is willing to get dirty and become a Spartan.  :-)

The Giveaway and Discount Code
Below are the rules on how you can possibly win a free complete entry (over $100 value) into a Reebok Spartan Race anywhere in the continental U.S.. This free entry will only be available in the U.S. and I am asking you to do the below depending on what social platform you use.  The important part will be to follow the directions on the Race Entry Widget on the right side.  This is the only valid way to enter the contest.

Even more good news...Even if you don't win or enter, you can click the link below for a one time automatic 15% discount code for a Reebok Spartan Race near you (details are in the link)!

The Rules:
The giveaway will last for three weeks, the winner will be announced on 6/14.  The code is good until the end of the year for any US Spartan race in an open heat.  Be sure you follow the options on the widget.  Please also attempt to do the below in order to spread the word about the giveaway, my website and the great discount code.  Good Luck!

- Please add me to your circles.  (Send me a message to add you back, if you want.)
- +1 my posting(s) when I mention this on Google+.
- Comment on at least one of my posts on the Giveaway (i.e., "I hope I win.").
- Share at least one of my Google+ posts about this giveaway.

- Like my Facebook page.
- Like at least one of my Facebook posts about the giveaway.
- Share at least one of the Facebook postings on your fan or personal page.
- Comment on at least one of the Facebook postings.

- Follow me on Twitter.
- Retweet at least one of tweets about the giveaway with link and my name.
- Comment on this posting with your Twitter name.

Follow the directions on the Race Entry Widget on the right side.  This is the only valid way to enter the contest.


Thanks for your support as always.  Best of luck with this contest and enjoy the discount code.
By: Fred Lechuga


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