Sunday, July 7, 2013

I was recently sent a special invitation from Google to purchase their limited availability, early edition version of Google Glass.  If you have not heard of it, please click on the link to see what this device is capable of doing for people.  In my opinion, it has so much potential especially in the fitness world.

I had signed up to purchase Google Glass when I first heard of the #ifIhadGlass competition they first launched when it was announced.  However, I was not selected for the first round of users, but about a week ago I was sent the invitation that I can now purchase a pair before this is ever released to the public.

As a technology nerd, I want them.  However, definitely not something I "need", but I do want them.

However, the main reason I would like to own a pair is to share my training for a running marathon, an ultra marathon and other races with others.  If I was able to purchase Google Glass, it wouldn't be just for me to enjoy.  I would also be able to quickly share my thoughts, plans, feelings during my day to day successes and struggles as I train and continue to attempt to be fit.  I want to be able to take quick pictures and videos of the scenery I train or race in.  This would all be coming in a unique runner's point of view.  This really has not been documented well in the past.  Now with Google Glass this can be accomplished and I want to be one of the first people doing this for current and future runners.

The problem is the cost.  After taxes, the price is about $1,635.  I then also need to buy an airline ticket to one of the 3 locations (west coast or east coast).  So all together, we are probably talking about a $2,200 or so purchase.  I only have until July 15th to make a decision. 


(Anything I state below are just ideas, nothing set in stone.  I am willing to discuss any other ideas.)
Therefore, at this point I am looking to see if there are any people, companies willing to purchase sponsorship spots on my blog, Youtube channel, Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I really think if you have a company, blog, podcast, event, etc that you want promoted you may want to take advantage of this potential partnership.  Here are some of the ideas on how I think it could work.  I am very open to other ideas or options to what I state below:
  • You pay $100 for a 2 week spot on my blog and social media posts.
  • I would mention your company, event, blog, podcast, etc on every post I do during those 2 weeks.  Obviously, there may be a couple I can not follow this rule due to limitations of characters, but the majority of write ups I do will include your company.
  • Pay X amount (TBD) for a permanent ad on my website homepage (you provide the code).
  • Depending on the interest and the financial need to support this project for me, I may have more than 1 company sponsor per week/2 weeks.
  • My marathon is on September 22nd, 2013 and my first Ultra Marathon is on October 19th, 2013.  Therefore, the sponsorship opportunities will run through the end of October.
  • If there was a strong interest, it may continue after those 2 big races since I will still have Google Glass and plan to use them as I train during the off season.
  • If you have a company that has shirts made on dry fit material and you want me to wear the shirts during my training runs or some of the video reviews I make, I could also do that for extra money.
  • If you are a company that wants to buy/sponsor the majority of the cost of my purchase, we can work out a very even sided deal to make sure your company/product is getting promoted quite a bit during this journey.

If you have any interest or more questions please send me an email to  We can have a discussion on how everything will work.  I will not collect any sponsorship money until I know I might be close to purchasing the device.  Unfortunately, I only have until July 15th to make up my mind.  However, the sooner I make a decision, the faster I can go purchase them and start documenting and blogging about running a marathon.

Advantages of This Deal
  • Your company/product mentions, tags, etc will be on my blog posts forever.  A page dedicated to the Google Glass experience will be created and easy to find for future people who do searches on Google Glass reviews, experience and feedback.
  • Keep in mind that in regards to YouTube, if I post a video about my marathon training run on YouTube, yes there will be hundreds of people who will see it right away, but many other people will see it in the future as they do searches on "marathon training" or "Google Glass" on YouTube.  The exposure to your company, website, etc is unlimited.
  • The stats:
    • As of July 7th I have 15,400 followers on Google+, 743 on Facebook and 345 on Twitter.
    • My website was launched in early December and it has already been viewed over 26,000 times.
    • Some of my past posts have been featured on some very popular websites like Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man, Cafetruth and Marathon Nation.

If I end up purchasing Google Glass, I will be doing blog posts in a more consistent manner.  Blog posts will be about my training, but will also be about my Google Glass experience.

NOTE: I was not writing anything new over the last couple of months due to the fact I was coaching my son's baseball team.  That just finished last week so I am now open to write more and document my training.

Donations Opportunity

If you don't have a website or company to promote but you would like to support my Google Glass project, you may also donate any dollar amount.  There is a PayPal donate button on the upper right side of my website home page you can press and you determine the dollar amount.

I can tell you that if I do not get anywhere close to the $2000 dollar amount via sponsorships or donations, I will not be purchasing this item.  I just can't afford to do that this year.  However, I really do want the device so I can share my running experiences with others.  The earlier I make the purchase, the quicker I can start sharing my journey as a runner and the better of a chance people will find my website, social media profiles while they do searches for Google Glass.  I will also be sharing non-running pictures and videos, however the main purpose would be to show people a variety of items in regards to running and exercise.

Unfortunately, I only have about a week to make this decision, so I am hoping some company or a variety of companies will take advantage of the sponsorship opportunity.  The project will also be possible if people on my social media pages assist with donations.  Once I reach my dollar amount goal ($2,200), I will take down the donate option and begin to launch blog posts, videos, pictures, etc.  

If you do decide to sponsor the project or donate to it, I thank you in advance.  For donations, please put your name in the comments section so I can send you a thank you note.

Thanks for reading and please share this with anyone or any possible company you believe might be interested in this project.


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