Sunday, September 15, 2013

So once again I am an injured runner.  This time it is a tweak/tightness in the Psoas Major or Tensor Fasciae Latae areas.  The area becomes tight and gives me a dull pain once I begin to run.  Depending on the day I can walk around with some limping but nowadays as it has gotten better you would barely notice I am hurt.  (At the bottom of the post I include a video link on how to stretch the Psoas Major area.  I also include an article link about Tensor Fasciae Latae.)

Regardless of the location of a injury, if you have been running for a while and have dealt with any level of pain it can be very frustrating.  Yes it is just a bump in the long road of life.  However, if you are a runner you know how much patience it takes to get your mind consistently in the right mind frame and stay positive.

What I wanted to share with you are some random questions/thoughts that come through my mind as I am not running (at all) and dealing with this latest injury.  Let me know what you think about when you are injured.  (It can be a non-running injury too.)
I try to recall and feel my last long run.  I typically never take pictures during my runs but on my last one (August 10th, 2013) I did capture a beautiful view.

I remember complaining about the hot days during the summer when I was running.  I won't ever do that again because at least I was running.

I wonder if the injury was caused because of my shoes.  Went with a new maker/model (Asics-2000) due to doctor's recommendations.  Maybe I ran with them too long?  Maybe just a bad shoe for my body.

I wonder if the injury was caused by too much running.  This injury seems to be a side effect from the 50K I ran at the end of July.  Or maybe running too many miles too soon?  Probably too much too soon.  Should have stuck with the 10% rule.

Why me?  If you have been injured you might be like me and ask this all the time.  Why does so-so always get to run and never get hurt.  I work harder than them, blah-blah.  Selfish thoughts enter the mind when you are dealing with a situation like this.

I wish I would have worked out/gotten stronger in certain spots to avoid this injury.  In this case, I should have consistently worked my hips, glutes and core a lot more.  Lesson learned.

Is running and dealing with injuries worth it all?  At times it feels like I am hurt more than actually running, so why keep doing it?  No matter what it is still better than being obese and not living.

Will I gain weight?  As a former 350+ lb person, this mental game is the hardest part to deal with.  When you were extremely obese, the past nightmare always feels it can come back at anytime in the near future.  Therefore when not running the diet has to become 100% perfect to not gain weight.  Even then, weight will probably still come on because I was given some bad genes and habits.

Will more cushioned shoes help avoid injuries?  Or cause more?  For example the Hokas.  Maybe switching to them will prevent some of these small injuries? I have heard nothing but positive reviews, so I think it may be time to give them a try.

Was the injury caused by my running form?  I never grew up running so I learned on my own, maybe my form is not good?  (Pic below is from when I got a new 5K PR in April of this year.)

Was the injury caused by doing too much speed work?  I joined a speed work running team, maybe doing that weekly was too much for now.

Should I ever race again?  Or just run for fun?  I am currently signed up for a marathon on 9/22/13 and a ultra marathon (50 miles) on 10/19.  This is what I was training for.  If I wasn't training for races maybe I would not of overworked my body. 

Should I switch to cycling?  Focus on muscle building and burning fat?  Five years after losing 150+ lbs I have realized that I am getting tired of the running injuries.  I am also not satisfied with the way I look so maybe focusing on something else will get me to where I want to be.

Will I ever run again pain free?  Just seems so hard to think this is possible.

Will I ever run again and stay injury free?  Again, just seems like this is impossible for me.

Again, these are just random thoughts that I just wanted to honestly share with you because I know some people could relate to them.  What I can tell you is that I still love running and I still have a desire to come back and run and be a better and stronger runner.

If you are currently hurt, try to stay or get strong and beat those mental games.  You will get back there sooner or later.

Article about Tensor Fasciae Latae:

By: Fred Lechuga

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