Friday, October 25, 2013

Have you ever had a smoothie that makes you want to have one every day? 

If not, then let me give you the ingredients that will help you enjoy one like that.  Eating/drinking clean is not hard if you find the right combination for a smoothie.
These are the 9 ingredients that will make a good tasting and healthy smoothie:

-          Unsweetened Almond milk (extra sugar is not needed).

-          Filtered Water (just like coffee, filtered will make it taste better).

-          Ice (Not only does it make it colder, it helps thicken it).

-          Vegetables with no strong bitter taste.  (I use Kale and baby spinach.)

-          Fruit produced with a lot of water and some sweetness.

-          Flax Seed (contains a lot of fiber, the more fiber the more full you will feel)

-          Fat source (almond butter, coconut oil, shredded coconut, hemp seed, etc.)

-          Protein Source (I use a plant based protein powder, find one with zero to little sugar)

-          Beneficial Supplements (hemp seed, maca powder, chia seeds, glutamine, amino acids, etc.)

This should help you create a clean eating smoothie that you will never forget.  You will realize that eating healthy can be so easy.  On some days I have multiple smoothies because they are so filling and healthy for you.
I am no doctor but I have made dozens of smoothies and I know they are good for me. I keep experimenting with them but so far I have not made one bad tasting smoothie.  
In the past I would be worried about adding too many fruits.  Now I have thrown that out the window.  If it is real food and I am hungry, I am adding it to my Vitamix and drinking it up.
I have not been counting calories and I have been consuming smoothies like crazy and the weight has been dropping over the last month. (11 lbs lost since taking this approach.)
In the past when I would leave “too many” fruits or ingredients out, I would be hungry one hour later.  Nowadays, my thought process is...If the smoothie is filled with clean ingredients, drink or eat until I am full.

By: Fred Lechuga

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