Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is the question many people ask themselves.  However, it is a question that can have so many answers.  Some answers people ignore on purpose.  Most of the time if the person wants to be honest with themselves the answer would be...because I really don't want to lose the extra weight.

You see, when I was obese (see above), people would look at me and saw me as a overweight person.  I did the same when I looked in the mirror.  The majority of the days, I hardly ever thought about losing weight.  I was "comfortable" and "happy" where I was.  Seems odd, doesn't it?  An overweight person knows he is fat but doesn't want to change his appearance or how he feels.  Why not?  Because I knew it required work and CHANGE.  I was not ready for either one.

So when did I actually think about wanting to lose weight back then?
  • Every year like everyone else...January 1st.  
  • Or when I went to a store and a shirt didn't fit me. 
  • Or when a pair of pants I just wore a couple of months ago, no longer fit me.  
  • Or when I was tired of the way people looked at me.

However, one day I finally woke up and enough was enough and that is when I was ready to make changes and lose the weight.  How did I go from 355 pounds to around 200 lbs?  The quick answer is...replacing bad habits with good habits.  Think about your life right now...isn't it the bad habits that is stopping you from getting to where you want to be?

(Please see this post and this one for more details on how I accomplished the extreme weight loss.)

So when does the weight loss truly happen for most people? (set a side medical conditions)
  • When they are truly ready.
  • When they truly want to make changes.
  • When they stop making excuses.
  • When they are extremely tired of the way they feel or look.
  • When they replace bad habits with good habits
  • When they completely ignore the people who are holding them back. 
  • Whey they consistently apply the good habits and changes.
So for the overweight/obese people who are "struggling" to lose weight...
  • Are you truly wanting to lose weight and make life changes?  
  • Have you honestly eliminated your bad habits?  
  • Are you getting rid of the old bad habits and replacing them with new healthy ones?  
  • Are you consistently and honestly making changes?
Be honest with yourself and your goals will be met when you are ready.

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By: Fred Lechuga


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