Sunday, December 1, 2013

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When I was fat, sad, depressed and thought I would be fat forever, I never knew believed in motivating people or books, speeches, etc.  Then one day my Mom invited me to a motivating seminar that was being hosted in Chicago.  Back then when I was more stubborn than I am now, I was like, "Yuck, I don't want to hear rich people talk down to me and make me buy their stuff." I eventually I ended up agreeing to go and little did I know that this was the beginning of the new way I was going to approach the rest of my life.

(If you are looking for a list of running books, that will come in a future post.)

Now don't get me wrong, I didn't go to this event and boom I lost weight and everything in life turned around. Actually, I did lose weight shortly after that, but then regained it, then back down again.  However, my career did improve within a few months.  I got promoted at various jobs because what I was hearing and reading helped change my attitude.

Eventually after I read a couple of these books a couple of more times that is when it finally hit me over the head and the weight permanently stayed off.

After that event, I ended up buying 3 books in the next few months and these are the books I believe assisted me in losing weight, becoming mentally strong, more confident,speaking up for what I believe in and wanting to do more in life, then just existing.

If you are a big macho guy and think you don't need to read these type of books because you know it all already, think self-help books are for wusses and you hate people like below, then you can stop reading now.  Maybe just enjoy the pictures???

However, if you are open minded and you have never read "self-help" type of books, then please look at which ones assisted me in my journey in life.

1.) "Live Your Dreams" by Les Brown - He was one of the speakers at that motivational event.  I was mesmerized with his storytelling, the way he spoke, etc.  He was amazing!  I still think he is one of most underrated speakers around. I ended up buying his book because I wanted to 'hear' more of him.  It helped me change my thought process, stop talking negative to myself, stop limiting my potential to the way I was living at that stage in my life.  If you can, I suggest buying or borrowing (from your local library) the CDs so you can hear the way he speaks.

2.)  "Over the Top by Zig Ziglar - If you are in sales or have ever had a salesperson job, I am sure you have heard of Zig Ziglar.  He is one of the best speakers, motivators out there.  He definitely was one of the  best I heard that day.  He was just amazing.  If you never heard him tell stories, you have missed out (he passed away recently).  I do suggest you go out and buy or borrow some of his audio CDs.

3.)  "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins - I honestly don't recall if Anthony was speaking that day.  However, once you start diving into self-help books, it is hard to get away without reading one of his books.  He is probably the most famous motivational guru out there.  There is a LOT covered in his book "Awaken the Giant Within", but his writing and speaking style, makes it all sound simple and possible to change your life.  I have some of his audio CDs that I still listen to now and then.

Are you a fan of self-help books?  Do you have any that helped changed your mental approach to life?  If so, please let me hear about them in the comments.  I love reading and I am willing to pick up a new book.


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By: Fred Lechuga

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  1. Three books have played an important role in changing my life.Whenever in life I feel sad and depressed I prefer to read these books.because these 3 books motivated me, give me energy to face all the challenges as provided me.