Monday, January 13, 2014

How to lose weight?  How do I lose weight?  What can I do for weight loss?  Common questions from all different people.  In two posts last year I shared how I lost over 150 lbs to document my successful natural weight loss story (no diet pills or surgery).  The first thing I mentioned in how I did that was I ate breakfast at home.  How did this help?  Because I used to pick up fast food on the way to work.  Those were wasted and unhealthy calories to start the day.eggs are very good for you

I know for some people who eat healthy and are into fitness this is automatic. It's like Fred, "This is easy stuff, give something better information."  If you are one of these people, I guess you can skip this blog post.  

However, I can't tell you how many people I know who don't follow this simple eating practice.  Go ahead and drive by the fast food places that serve breakfasts between 5-8am.  Do they look empty?  In this post I will give the benefits why eating breakfast at home is important and how many calories you can save.

Breakfast is a word made from "break fast".  During your sleep at night, you are "fasting" your body and that is why a person typically wants food when they wake up.  They want/need to break their fast.

Breakfast is a good way to get your metabolism going, etc.  It is important to eat something to get your body to start burning calories.  However, I will let nutritionists and other experts get into all the details in their articles.

If you are picking up sandwiches at some fast food place, you are probably spending unnecessary money on food that is not nutritional and has a lot of calories.  This is where the weight loss can begin for most people.  

Lets say you buy a breakfast at the famous place that has arches in their logo.  You can probably get something that has 300-1100 calories.  1100 calories!!!  (I just looked at their 'nutrition' facts.) 

The best/worst part is that there is NOT one nutritional and real ingredient in any of their foods.  Maybe, just maybe the eggs, but that is probably where it ends.

So lets assume you are picking up a sandwich that has 600 calories.  You can easily eat two real full eggs at home for about 160 calories.  Add a few more egg whites for more protein, but not many calories.  Maybe some fresh salsa too.  Now you are getting some good, real food.  

You can even do something unique and have a big salad that will probably just be around 100-150 calories if you don't have dressing and cheese.  

Or find some other ingredients to add on top of the eggs or salad for up to 100-300 calories.  Just in one meal you have at least cut 200-300 calories in your daily intake.

Or if you have a Vitamix, Blendtec or a very good blender you can fill them up with vegetables, fruits, plant based protein and other natural supplements to start your day in a VERY nutritional way with a smoothie.   

best smoothie ingredients

Don't have money for a high end blender?  You just might if you use the money you saved from buying the breakfast fast food.  :)  

Or if you don't want to buy a high end blender then use one you have or opt for another option.

I have actually been drinking smoothies for the last year and I believe this is the best way to start your day and for many people may be the best breakfast for weight loss.

Maybe when you opt for this option your calorie count MIGHT get closer to 500-600 but if you drink a smoothie, you will probably get more nutrients in one sitting than you do the rest of the day or ever.

However you decide to eat your breakfast, I strongly recommend you do it at home.  Not in your car, not at work.  At home.   Make sure it is not filled with sugar or other fake ingredients.  Eating a bowl of cereal full of sugar is not any better than what you pick up from fast food places.

Wake up an extra 15 minutes early and make yourself breakfast.  You deserve it!  This will be an easy step towards your weight loss goal.  In my opinion, breakfast is key for weight loss.  Do it naturally with clean eating, real foods and enjoying what you made.


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By: Fred Lechuga


  1. Very good, no-nonsense post. I find that if I skip breakfast, it isn't long before I look for something simple and quick to fill its place. I actually prefer the home-made good breakfast now, but it took a while for me to get used to the idea.
    Even better is getting ahead of the game and making a weekly menu with breakfasts written into it. You can do some of the prep work weekly and have a week's worth of food waiting. Why not have a breakfast burrito you make yourself stored in the freezer, and just reheat and add salsa to? I feel so much better and resist the junk better when I make breakfast important.

  2. Yes, once you get a routine going, it is so simple and you don't think about it. However, I know there are tons of people who are still no eating breakfast at home and it is a shame. Yes, it can be so simple and delicious! Thanks for the comment amiga! ;-)

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