Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Until recently, I had always used wired over the ear headphones while running, cycling, working out, on the train and walking to work.  They have become a hassle because the wires get tangled and in the way.  However, these have always felt the most comfortable, cheapest to replace and were great for all my runs.  However, as I heard more and more people talk about Bluetooth headphones, I figured I would finally buy a pair to try, if the price was right.

After looking at a bunch of reviews and keeping an affordable price in mind, I decided to go with the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones on Amazon.

bluetooth headphones for running

Here is what I was looking for when reading reviews and feedback on the Bluetooth headphones options:
  • Had to be compatible with my Android phone.
  • Sound quality had to be very good.
  • Range had to be somewhat decent.  I wanted to walk around my house.
  • Can take a lot of sweat
  • Durable during runs and exercise.
  • Had to be comfortable.
  • Price had to be right.
  • Weight.  Could not be too heavy.
  • I wanted to control volume and forward, reverse tracks from headphones.
  • Long battery life between charges.
  • Rechargeable
I wasn't really searching for ones you can take calls with, but if it was an added option, I would take it. It just happened that the one I chose had that feature.  (I have not tried this yet.)

When you open up the box, this is what you see.  The headset, a nice felt (attracts lint) carrying bag and the micro-usb rechargeable wire.

behind head bluetooth headphones

After syncing the headset to my phone per the easy instructions, I put them on to feel how comfortable they were just walking around the house.  Right from the beginning they felt good.  The sound was clear while listening to Google Play inside the house over WiFi.

Then over this past weekend I was on the treadmill for 3 hours and 40 minutes and they felt great and the sweat from the workout didn't distract the sound or created any issues.  For me the best part was that they were comfortable and light!  I no longer had wires to deal with coming from my pocket.  Now since I have no hair (see above) it does feel it imprints a bit, not much on the side of my head, but nothing major.

The only negative (cons) I see with this headset is that the fit is not adjustable at all.  However, with my big head (see above) they feel just fine and nowhere close to being tight.  They also do not rattle or move around when I was running which is what I was worried about before purchasing these Kinivo Bluetooth headphones.

Here is picture where you attach the charging wire.  That rubber cover is not snug when you put it back which is something I would consider a con, but it never is in the way while listening to music, etc.

To test out the range, I left my phone on the treadmill in the basement and I went upstairs in my house and the sound was clear and was never affected.  I was very impressed by this.  I was expecting it to hear some static.  For me, this is plenty of range.

Another nice little feature I like about these is how easily they fold up.  They can fit in a pocket of my backpack or jacket.

bluetooth headphones that fold

I have decided that I will be using these during my walks to work and my workouts from now on.  I have put away my old wired earphones and will strictly rely on the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth headphones.  I am hoping they will last for months and years to come during my runs, etc.  

If I had to recommend one thing to Kinivo it would be that they should switch to a bag with better material and figure out a way to make the material on the headphones seem more durable.  They do feel like they will last, but some people might think they are flimsy.

One last note to add, the one bonus for exercise sessions that I noticed by switching to these is that I can now warmup using these headphones because no wires are in the way while swinging my arms and legs during active/dynamic stretching before runs and cycling sessions.

Interview With This is Fit
FYI, I recently did a interview with a fun and spunky fitness trainer, Laura from This is Fit.  The interview was a lot of fun and we touched on a lot of subjects.  

I do recommend you add her to your social media options (located on her website), especially her Youtube channel where she offers 15 min HiiT workouts in the comfort of your warm and toasty home.  

I decided to include an example of one of her videos.  Let me and her know what you think about the interview and her videos.



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By: Fred Lechuga


  1. One of the best headphone with advance functionality. I am using Panasonic headphone and i was thinking that this is the best headphone but Kinivo is the best headphone.

  2. Yeah the one you linked would be too bulky and has wires. Not good for me at all for running. I am still impressed with the Kinivos. I wish the material on the sides were a bit more sturdy feeling, but it works great!

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  7. Bluetooth headphones not only provide great sound but freedom to move around while listening.

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