Sunday, February 2, 2014

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My most popular blog post so far is the one I talked about how life is different after losing weight.  Since I released it, it has been viewed multiple times every single day.  It was a quick post listing the non scale victories I gained after losing over 150 pounds.  I wanted people to see that it is not just about what the scale says.  I wanted them to realize that after they put in the work, after losing weight that there will be so many other benefits from the work they put in.  I wanted these other reasons to be more motivation for them to stick with attempting to lose weight.

I started thinking about why people search for some of the key words in that post and what they are trying to obtain.  My conclusion is that people want to know about the 'end' is like not about the journey or the effort that is required to get what they are seeking.

The good parts of losing weight does not happen overnight.  You obviously have to first commit to changing your life to lose the weight.  It is going to take work.  My simple advice is, change your lifestyle, your current one is not working.  Pretty simple, right?

I have talked previously about bad habits and how you need to replace them with good ones.  It is the first and most basic step, but yet many people overlook that and just want the scale to move.  Or want to know what "diet" to go on.  In reality, the whole weight loss process is not about a diet, it is about improving your eating habits.  Not once was I ever on a diet during my weight loss, but my eating habits keep improving every year.  Yes, even today I still find ways to keep sharpening up my eating patterns.

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Analyze your current life.  What are you doing wrong?  You will have to eliminate the bad habits.  What bad habits are contributing to your current health and fitness status?  Figure them out and stop them.  The longer they continue, the longer it will take to reach your goals.  I know it is not easy, but you can't have them continue, if you want to lose the weight once and for all.

You have to replace the bad habits with good ones.  The new life and habits that come along with it has to become so normal and routine that you don't even think about it.  Does it happen after 1  After 2 months...probably not.  For some maybe, 3 months.  For others, 1 year.
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Enjoy adjusting your eating patterns, play around with them.  Be flexible if need be.  However, no matter what, do not completely give up.  Because eventually will come a time you will NEED to lose the weight and it may be too late or too hard.

Keep researching, read books, ask questions, keep getting ideas on how to improve your current health status.  I have kept the weight off for over 6 years.  It is not because I know all the answers, it is because I keep adjusting my life to ensure the 150 lbs of extra weight I was living under does not return.

Stop trying to rush the process.  It will take work!  Do the work, appreciate the reward when it happens.  It will take food and exercise discipline. If you are like me, I did not exercise, I overate, ate crappy food for 30+ years!  Not 3 months, not 3 years...30 YEARS.  Therefore, I had to let time go by before I ironed out a very consistent workout routine that fit into my life and ensure not regaining that old weight.

Once you eliminate and replace the bad habits, the rewards of losing weight, weight loss and being more healthy will come.  Stick with it, enjoy the journey and do not give up.

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  1. Another great post, Fred! It is about making choices and prioritizing. I continued to be inspired by your lifestyle change and the lessons your website offers. Always good to acknowledge that this takes work!!

  2. Thanks for reading and the comment Raina. Definitely about prioritizing what is truly important in your life.

  3. Thanks for reading and the comment Raina. Definitely about prioritizing what is truly important in your life.

  4. Losing weight is a lifetime of new habits. For me, starting on my weight loss journey is one of my most difficult endeavor. With the prodding of my sister, I jumpstarted with the 3 Day Military diet since she told me it would detox me from my sugar cravings (which it did!) since I won't be having sugar, only Stevia, a plant based sweetener is allowed. It was not a walk in the park but I learned calorie counting and portion control are great boosters to losing weight. I also exercised and made a lot of changes in my diet and lifestyle. For more

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