Sunday, October 19, 2014

I have enjoyed sharing my successes and struggles over the last couple of years on this website.  However, as my 2 year anniversary is coming up, I am hoping to share other people's successes on this website (along with my own stories)

The best feeling in the world is people emailing or chatting me about how one of my posts helped changed their lives.  How I was able to motivate them to run their first race or to change their eating habits, etc.  Now,  I want others to experience that same feeling.
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If you are interested in me interviewing you about your fitness success story by asking questions, you writing up your answers, returning them to me and I posting your success story on this blog, please reach out to me at my email below.

The purpose of the posts is for YOU to share YOUR fitness success story so readers can be inspired and motivated how various people (single moms, mom/dad of many children, people with 2 jobs, etc.) are attempting to balance life and also create and reach new goals.

Below are some of the examples of people I would love to write about:
- First 5K or 10K story
- First marathon story
- First ultra-marathon story
- Running your first big race after a major injury
- Your first half or full triathlon
- How it felt after losing 25, 50, 100 lbs
- How it felt to do your first pull up, etc.
- How life has changed since giving up smoking, alcohol, etc .
- How it felt the first time you were able to bench 225, 250 or 300 lbs, etc.
- First Spartan or some type of obstacle race.
- First time having your bodyfat % under 20, 15, 10, etc.

It does not have to be one of the above, it can be another inspirational story also.

If you feel your story should be shared and will help even just one person in this world believe in themselves, then please reach out to me so we can share YOUR life changing experience.

After starting this blog, I truly believe it is worth telling all stories so others can continue on with life and try to defeat the challenges they deal with on a daily or weekly basis.  I get reminded about this as I get random emails from around the world. 

If you own a website, blog or company we will for sure share your information in the post so they can read more about you at your main website.

Please email or Google chat me and we can talk about the details and begin the process.


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