Tuesday, October 14, 2014

  My Running Mistakes

I was stubborn...because I was a runner.  

Are all runners stubborn?  Maybe.  Determined?  Probably. 

As I mentioned in my last blog post, When I look back at the 10+ years of running, at times I know I was definitely guilty of running too much and beyond what my body was capable of. 

I really wanted to be a great runner.  Once I fell in love with this form of exercise and the freedom I felt on those runs, I wanted to make it look easy.  I talked myself into believing I could be a respectable marathon runner after not running for the first 25 years of my life. 

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I pushed my soft pudgy body beyond what it was capable of.  I tried to run and keep up with the naturally gifted runners.  You know the ones that have been running for most of their life and you follow on social media because they are your "heroes"?  Yeah those.  I figured if those humans could do it, I was capable of it too!  

What I should have realized is that it takes years to become a good and strong runner especially since I was obese for most of my life.  I should have slowed things down.  Taken my time to make sure I paid attention to other things in my personal life and my body.

I should have been patient with becoming a marathon and ultra-marathon runner. I wish I would have been satisfied running one marathon and then took time off before training for an ultra-marathon. 

I now believe less injuries would have occurred later on, if I would just of done a few months of very little running and focused on core and weight lifting.

Continuing to push myself, race after race...just resulted in injuries. Who would have thought that never allowing my body to recover and/or get stronger would do that!?!?

This is why I am reorganizing my life so that running or any type of endurance training is not one of my main priorities.  I need to get physically stronger and stop trying to be an elite runner especially since I hated running for 25 years!

If I still want to be a sub-4 hour marathon runner, I will need to approach this come back in a different way and be very smart about it.

I am still SLOWLY coming back from a nagging injury.  I am in no hurry to go back to endurance running.  Finally, no obsessing over a small hiccup that my body is creating right now.

What is Going On?

Have I gained weight?  You betcha.  Am I going to accept this? No.  However, I need come to peace with myself that gaining weight right now is...okay.  FOR NOW!  Only because I need to get things in order.  Recover from injury and learn to "balance" the fitness, personal and career lives.

I am working harder in the gym now than I ever did.  I am determined to become FIT. But, physically I am not blessed like the lucky ones, but I will work with what was given to me.

The good news is that I am getting a bit more sleep nowadays.  That is an area that I needed to focus on.  I used to average 5.5 hours a night, now it is up to 6.5.

Will I ever make a "return" to long distance running? I am sure I will. But when I do...I will be a lot smarter about it.

Over the last couple of months I have reflected on what I was able to accomplish over the last 9 years and where I went wrong.  I am also trying to find my personal "truth" and determine where I go from here.

Book Recommendation: Live Your Truth by Kamal Ravikant .  A great short and thought provoking book.  Very low price and worth reading a few times.

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