Monday, November 24, 2014

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"I know you are an ultra-marathon runner, but you should no longer run" is what my orthopedic recently told me.

A few weeks ago, my orthopedic reviewed my x-rays and MRI and broke the news that my right knee that has given me issues since after my 50K in April is due to me having bad arthritis.  Really bad.

He then continued to tell me I should not run for at least 6 months and that even after that he is suggesting that I begin accepting that running long distance will no longer be part of my future.

He said my knee is in very bad shape and that I need to come up with other ways to add cardio into my life.  His suggestions include swimming and cycling.

Since that heart breaking moment I have inserted cycling back into the mix with the weight lifting that I have been doing since June.  Time schedule wise, I can't figure out a way to add swimming but I am going to somehow squeeze this in at least once a week.

I can sit here and cry and say "why me", but I don't have time for that.  Plus I have recently learned that if you ask yourself dumb questions, you will get dumb answers.  

Now, I need to focus on losing the weight I gained after not doing any cardio for a few months. 

Time to move...move on

So to help me deal with the "new life" (life after running), I have decided to come up with a list of things I will NOT miss about running...

Bloody Nipples - Enough said, right?  This happens when your shirt rubs against your nipples and typically only happens with men.  Okay, don't worry I figured out ways to prevent this but when it happened it hurt like heck and when it would occur once in a while it was not pleasant.  When I used Vaseline, it ruined shirts.  Either way, good bye nasty pain. 

Chafing - "Oh my #$%#^#%^ that $#%##% hurt!!!"  That was what I yelled in the shower the first time I came back from a long run and resulted with some chafing in certain areas I prefer not to share.  Running is good for you?  I was second guessing that after my first couple of long runs.

Plantar Fasciitis and Other Running Injuries - That dang Plantar Fasciitis injury.  I hated it for various reasons...I cannot pronounce or spell it and because that thing hung around longer than a stray cat.  I also will not miss the rest of the injuries (i.e., knees, hips, feet, hamstring, etc.) I dealt with over the years.

Buying Running Shoes - I had a love/hate relationship with buying shoes.  There is nothing better than opening up a brand new box of shoes and smelling a brand new fresh pair.  However, I hated having to shop and determine what shoe was best for my running style, weight, form, etc.  It just eventually all got overwhelming.

Running in the Winter - I live in Chicago suburbs, the winters get bad here.  It was just dumb to run out there on some days/nights.  I don't care what runners want to tell you, it is just a dumb idea to run in zero or below zero degree weather and trying to dodge black ice.  Running is supposed to be fun not stupid.  I definitely will not miss this part of running.

Numbers - Keeping track of the number of miles I ran in a week or month, what my pace was for this run or what my heart rate...just took the fun out of running .  I love that I could care less now if I ride the bike for 5 miles or just doesn't matter anymore.

Being Moody - When I had a good running day, I was happy as can be.  When I had a horrible running day and/or race, I was cranky as heck.  My family is happy that running is no longer my primary focus when working on my fitness.

Black or Lost Toe Nails - If you ever want to gross yourself out, Google "Runner toes".  One of those pictures could easily be mine.  I definitely will not get these while swimming or weight lifting.

Dreadmill - Ah the biggest nemesis for many people.  I had good days on the treadmill but yet they were easily outnumbered by the bad days.  Living in the Midwest, you are stuck on the treadmill a bit too often when you "have to get your miles in for the week."  Luckily, I no longer "have to" get any miles to feel like I had a good week.


I am sure one day I will be writing what I miss about running.  However, for now...this is what I DO NOT miss about long distance running.

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  1. Replies
    1. They can be...You are right, most of the time they are.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have knee arthritis, but that explains a lot. If I had an issue that would not resolve with a reasonable rest period, I probably wouldn't be a runner either. I am just NOT into beating myself up at something that won't get better.

    All these things you list, I can relate to on some level. Ever tried a sports bra? Just kidding... but I've never had the nipple problem. :)
    Ever heard of aqua bike? I believe it is offered s a separate category at some triathlons for people who don't run, but want to participate in the bike/swim. I bet you would do well at it!
    Wishing you the best of Thanksgivings, Fred & fam. ♥

    1. Thanks Raina. I always love your comments, I really appreciate it. I have not heard of an aqua bike. However, in regards to triathlons...I think I might give indoor triathlons a try next year if my knee is better. I am sure I can handle running 3-5 miles by then and those indoor ones are a a bit "easier" to train for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also!

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