Fred Lechuga's Before and After Pictures
I have included pictures from when I young and chubby and throughout the years.
I also include my pictures that show me at my heaviest weight (around 355 pounds) and my transformation to my current weight (about 200-210 lbs).

If you want to watch my video of my weight loss transformation from a chubby young kid to a ultra marathon runner, please visit my YouTube channel.



  1. Fred, Thank You for sharing your journey. I think you have renewed my determination & have helped give me the swift kick I so needed! You Sir, are a God send! Thanks again.

    1. Lil Miz, thank you for the comment and I am glad I could get you going! Check back and let me know how it is going. Best of luck with everything, take care!

  2. Awesome! I was just looking around for people that have lost as much weight as my goal, which is 100 lbs by my 10th anniversary (May 30 2014). I've been sick for YEARS and finally got diagnosed and have energy for the first time in 12 years (at the tender age of only 30). So now I have a renewed confidence I've never had before regarding actually losing the weight and keeping it off! I do not want to have surgery (even though my cardiologist has recommended it before) and I don't want to lose too quickly so that it can stay off for good. I also hope to get into running once I drop some pounds and get to a safer weight. Right now I use MyFitnessPal to lose 2lbs a week and I do Wii Dancing almost every night between studying. I love looking through your journey and putting myself in your shoes to see myself there. Congrats (sorry that was so long winded haha)

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