My name is Fred Lechuga, founder of this extreme weight loss success story website, Fat2FitFred.  I am married and have 1 child.

I was obese and overweight my entire life (baby, toddler, child, teenager and adult).  After years of yo-yo dieting, when my son was born in 2005 I finally decided that it was time to make a permanent change. 

I was tired over being extremely overweight and I wanted to change my future. 

I lost over 150 pounds through exercise, running and eating right and I have kept it off since about 2006.  It is my belief that running assisted with my fast weight loss.

I lost the weight on my own.  I never did any type of surgery or take any type of magic weight loss or diet pill.  (Weight loss surgery and diet pills are a temporary fix.  Being overweight is typically a deeper issue than just being fat.)  I also didn't have the money to ever hire a personal trainer. 

I decided, due to my unique work schedule that I would do it by myself without any type of training or running partner.  Since I was able to make these changes, I truly believe other people can also do it with hard work and determination.

While I was losing the weight, I fell in love with running.  Since then it has become a hobby that I look forward to and have a passion for.  I have run multiple marathons, numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathon and a 50K during a running group's fun run.  I use the running to keep my weight off, but more importantly to keep the motivation and inner fire going.   (In 2013, I also bought my first road bike and I am learning about cycling.)  I am now an affiliate for Ride Fite Cycling videos also. 
Check out their ad on my page and see how their videos can add some excitement to your aerobic workouts.

I also enjoy spending time with my family.  I follow most major sports, MMA and reading books.  I am an Android phone user and Google fan. 

I have become an amateur photographer using Google Glass and LG G3 to take pictures on my long runs.  Since I am a runner I typically like to take sunrise pictures #throughglass or on the phone and share them instantly or after I edit them on Snapseed.

I am a big believer of drinking healthy smoothies.  I useVitamix and Blendtec the best blenders on the market.  Checkout on the links on my website.

Please feel free to like my Facebook page if you use that platform a lot.  Or please feel free to browse this website to read past articles and learn more about me.  I am heavily active on Google+.

If you want to see in a few minutes my story in a photo video slide, please check out the video below and please subscribe to the channel for future videos.

Thanks for stopping by and please remember you have it in you to make changes and become the person you deserve to be.

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